Indian Biodiversity Expo

10 – 12 March 2017

The Indian Biodiversity Expo (IBE 2017), to be held in conjunction with IBC 2017, is an attempt to bring together the government and non-government organisations, academic and R&D organisations, communities and business group to showcase the rich heritage, wisdom and potentials of the biodiversity of India. The IBE 2017 is an attempt to enhance public awareness on the importance of conserving biodiversity, of the underlying threats to biodiversity, and of success stories in conservation, besides attempting to highlight the linkages of biodiversity with day to day life and livelihood of human species. It also will demonstrate how the government and communities are working to ensure its conservation and sustainable use now and in the future. In particular, the exhibition explores the multiple aspects of biodiversity contributing to human well-being and describes the direct and indirect factors contributing to biodiversity loss. The exhibition will also highlight the products and geographical indicators in the country related to biodiversity.

Focal Theme: Biodiversity and livelihood

Sub Themes

  • State biodiversity profiles- Exhibition on Biodiversity of various States of India (State Biodiversity Boards, forest, environment, tourism departments etc)
  • Variety of life- Show case of floral and faunal diversity of India- live exhibits and panel exhibition. Climate resilient crop varieties and food systems
  • Special pavilions:
    • Medicinal Plants- Diversity, Livelihoods and Health Care
    • Indigenous Cattle diversity
    • Jackfruit & other underutilised fruits
  • Biodiversity heritage- Exhibition of the indigenous plant and animal genetic varieties (vegetables, Indigenous cattle diversity, Jack fruit and other underutilised fruits cattle, birds, etc)
  • Ecosystem diversity- Panel exhibition on the ecosystem diversity of India
  • Living on the edge- Exhibits of Rare, Endangered and Threatened Species
  • Institutional Pavilions- Exhibition by the leading research centres, universities and other academic institutions, NGOs, commercial establishments, etc.
  • Invasion- Exhibition on Invasive Alien species in India and their impacts
  • Biodiversity education- Exhibition of books, CDs and other educational resources
  • Green Business and Technologies- Exhibition by business group incorporating biodiversity conservation and green technologies for environment protection, eco-friendly products, etc.
  • Innovations- Showcasing of innovations in biodiversity conservation
  • Biodiversity Heritage and Natural History of Puducherry
  • Food Diversity of India- Traditional food courts
  • Tribal products, biodiversity ensuring livelihood of tribals, non timber forest produce, medicinal plants etc


National Biodiversity Authority and State Biodiversity Boards, Central and State Government departments, National Institutions such as Botanical Survey of India, Zoological Survey of India, ICAR institutions, CSIR institutions, Research and development centres etc, Universities and other Academic institutions, Non-governmental and Non-profit organizations, Business groups working for biodiversity conservation and marketers of products derived from biodiversity, Photographers and conservationists, Publishers & book marketers, Clubs and forums, Individual with their exhibits / collections, Corporates.

Stall Booking Charges

The stall booking charges in exhibition pavilion: (15% service tax extra)

Single stall                 3m x 3m    Rs. 30,000/-          or 3m X 2m     Rs. 25,000/- (10% Discount if multiple stalls are booked)

Table Space                 –           Rs.10,000/-

In table space display the company profiles and product catalogues only are allowed).

The registration form can be downloaded from